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Current to Wed Jul 23 17:34:50 GMT 2003
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    Re: [RC] [RC] [DR] Nominations for AERC Director at Large - Heidi Smith

    > Bob,
    > On the other hand, maybe the membership doesn't WANT to see a bunch of new
    > concepts developed......
    > Nancy Mitts
    Nancy, you bring up a very good point.  Some of the long-term directors are
    in there precisely because they DO listen to the membership, they DO have
    enough vision to make sensible decisions, and perhaps the main thing that
    Bob overlooks--they are not in there to promote getting their own concepts
    developed (I found that statement of Bob's rather unsettling, but
    unfortunately some folks DO run for the BoD for that very reason) but rather
    they continue to run because they genuinely care about the future of AERC
    and are willing to devote some of their personal time to guiding the future
    of the organization.  To those directors who fit that description, my hat's
    off to you.
    Meanwhile, we have wonderful system of term limits--it's called a biannual
    election.  Every two years, we have the opportunity to decide whether those
    long-time directors truly represent us--or not.  At least a few of them will
    continue to get my votes.
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    RE: [RC] [RC] [DR] Nominations for AERC Director at Large, Nancy Mitts