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    RE: [RC] A summary of ridecamp this summer - Whiteaker, Steve

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    Wonderful. Truly outstanding!!!
    Mike, you have captured the essence of Ridecamp over the past 3 months. An endless series of cat-fights punctuated with occasional factual information. And, of course, the first person to post a reply was pissed off by your post and took your to task for it. Proved your point precisely.
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    From: Mike Sofen [mailto:msofen@xxxxxxxxxxx]
    Sent: Sunday, September 08, 2002 9:55 PM
    To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Subject: [RC] A summary of ridecamp this summer

    "So what do you use to protect yourself when riding alone?"
    "Why would anyone ride alone? "
    "Horses are herd animals, they should never be ridden alone."
    "I carry a Colt 45.  I'm trained to use it.  I'd like to use it on you."
    "With your riding skills, you'll probably fall off your horse and shoot yourself in the foot."
    "You're an idiot.  Anyone who carries a gun while riding should be duct-taped to a tree and left for the vultures."
    "Yeah, well, for that comment I'm going to sue you, your family, ridecamp and everyone you know."
    "Oh yeah?  Well, my brother's an attorney and my uncle's an attorney and they're going to sue you into the ground."
    "Hey, this is a free country, I can say what I want."
    "This is not a free country, and this is an email list, not a chat room."
    "Would all of you shut up?"
    "No, I won't shut up, you communist.  I want to talk about sheath cleaning.  I have my vet do it, but I hate paying for it."
    "I love doing it.  I'll clean your horse's sheath."
    "It's just like sex."
    "So what is the big deal about cleaning a horse's sheath?"
    "Sheath? What sheath?  Is where the saddle sits?"
    "Jeez you're a moron, the sheath is where they store their you-know-what so that they can take it out and you-know-what."
    "That is SO gross, I can't believe you even brought it up."
    "Were you born in the 1400's?  This is like, so puritanical."
    "You mean putrid.  There's no way I'm touching that thing.  And everyone says it smells really bad.  You have to wear gloves and still end up washing your hands over and over."
    "You're an idiot.  Just go out there and clean it."
    "Yeah, well, for that comment I'm going to sue you, your family, ridecamp and everyone you know."
    "Oh Pahleeezzz.  Maybe you should just take your gun and kill your horse - that way you won't have to deal with it."
    "I'd rather kill you.  And besides, too many horses die in endurance already."
    "Like there's any comparison to racing?"
    "You're an idiot.  Anyone who doesn't think endurance isn't dangerous is an idiot.  In fact, everyone on this list is an idiot - that's why I've infected the site with the klez virus."
    "Endurance isn't dangerous, endurance riders are dangerous."
    "Do you even have a horse?"
    "OH MY GOD.  I just found white hairs under my saddle."
    "You're an idiot - those are from the gray horse you ride on alternate days."
    "No, seriously, I'm scared that my saddle doesn't fit anymore, and I paid $4,000 for a custom saddle and it's supposed to fit, right?"
    "You're an idiot - NO saddles ever fit."
    "I have a saddle that fits."
    "How do you KNOW?"
    "I don't see any white hairs."
    "What color is your horse?"
    "Is everyone on this list an idiot?"
    "No, just you for reacting to everything."
    "I'm going to sue you into the ground, and call the FCC and the PTA."
    "You are the weakest link."
    "So how far should I ride if I'm training for a long endurance ride - you know, 25 miles.  That seems like an awful far way to ride."
    "You're an idiot - 25 miles isn't far and isn't endurance - it's called LIMITED DISTANCE, or LD."
    "I ride 6 times a week, 20 miles a day.  I'm in training for my first LD - am I getting enough mileage in?"
    "That depends - what color are his feet?"
    "One is white, the rest are black."
    "You're going to kill your horse, that's for certain.  A white foot is the kiss of death."
    "Only if the horse is short."
    "Yeah, but you're riding a tall horse."
    "I'm 6'5" - you want me to ride a donkey?  I'd look ridiculous."
    "You're an idiot, AND you'd look ridiculous no matter what you ride."
    "You sound like you've been smoking carbos again."
    "You don't SMOKE carbos, you EAT them."
    "I give up."
    "me too."
    "me too."
    "me too."
    Mike Sofen
    Santa Cruz, CA
    (thank you and have a nice Winter)