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    Re: [RC] oral syringing - Debbyly

    I give my horse applesauce in a syringe very frequently without electrolytes 
    or medication.  I get the little cartons with individual servings.  They even 
    have berry and peach flavored appplesauce.  He loves it.  When he sees the 
    syringe he goes for it as if it were a carrot.  I have to be careful that he 
    doesn't bite right through it.  When I give him electrolytes he seems to 
    think it was just a bad batch of applesauce.  I try to give him some of the 
    plain applesauce as soon as possible afterwards so he continues to want it.  
    I started him out this way.  I am not sure if it will work if the horse 
    already has a strong aversion to syringes.
    Debby Lyon
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