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    Re: [RC] maping, marking and GPS - Charles

    I can see the start of a new sport.  Equine Orienteering.  Wonder if I can
    patent or trademark it.
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    Subject: maping, marking and GPS
    > Charles" <cdy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:
    > >1) Are maps of the trails provided?  I tried orienteering
    > >years ago, and they provided a map for us to use.  Turns
    > >out the Orienteering group had cartographers and
    > >cartographers friends who would go out and make
    > >maps or update old maps
    > LOL!   I, too, am a map addict.  However, as a Ride
    > Manager one of the things you quickly discover
    > is that the ability to read a map is actually quite
    > rare.  Most people have no clue where they are,
    > and couldn't find their starting place on a map,
    > much less keep track of where they are during
    > a ride using a map.  It's actually been one of the
    > big challenges of recruiting trail markers.  Many
    > of the people who volunteer to mark trail can't
    > read and follow the map showing them where
    > to mark!
    > Again, one can't make the mistake of assuming that
    > one's riders have the same map-reading skills that
    > you do.  Odds are that they don't.
    > 'Sides, in endurance, most people don't want to
    > stop to look at maps to figure out where they are.
    > 2) Is there a standard marking system?
    > No.  Even just here in Massachusetts, there are *at
    > least* two flag-based marking systems in common use.  I
    > once came to an intersection of *four* marked trails
    > where, by the marking system I was familiar with,
    > any one of the four trails was a valid turn.  I
    > wasn't aware that this club used a slightly different
    > marking system and--under their system--the
    > four-way intersection was unambiguously marked.
    > Now I *always* ask before I go out.
    > Linda B. Merims
    > lbm@xxxxxxxxx
    > Massachusetts, USA
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