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    Re: [RC] Sheath? What sheath? - Laurie Durgin

    I was just trying to rationialize  after owning this horse for 3 years and never doing it (yes I asked, but was told if it wasn't dirty or he didn't have any problems just to stick a warm hose up there.)
    I guess I will ask the vet to tranqualize him and check it (since they don't like me messing with them there,), next time he is out, which is usually only for injuries or coggins.
    I apologise to Rascal, Scout and all geldings whose poor owners haven't cleaned your sheaths or beanchecked, we really thought you looked clean!!!! :{
    (Does this mean He has a 9 yr. old bean???!!!!)
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    > Not to get off subject . <g> .But I believe Only the Herds lead stallion
    > gets any <g> "activity" the other boys run around in bachelor bands as
    > "stallions in waiting".

    OK, at the risk of embarrassing those who don't want to discuss topics
    related to stallion breeding behavior, I'd refer to Sue McDonell's
    behavioral studies.  She has spent a great deal of time documenting the
    behavior of stallions in the wild, both in breeding groups and in bachelor
    groups, as well as stallions in regular domestic settings.  On average,
    stallions masterbate approximately every 90 minutes, and from what I
    gather, that doesn't vary much between those in breeding groups and those
    in bachelor groups.  If anything, stallions kept up in training situations
    get less "activity" either by virtue of just being busy working, or in
    more extreme cases, because they are equipped with stallion rings to
    prevent what is basically a natural behavior.  While some geldings do this
    as well, they don't do it with anywhere the regularity, frequency, or
    degree that stallions do, so hence tend not to get the benefit of the
    natural sheath cleaning effect that does with it.  Just observing my own
    stallions (we have stallions individually housed as well as in bachelor
    bands, and in the past have had an occasional pasture breeding group as
    well, although we don't at the moment), I'd have to concur with Dr.
    McDonell that even the bachelors get plenty of "activity"...  Scott's
    statement was quite accurate.


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