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    [RC] dressage saddle - Sundaez

    Thanks to all who responded to my post about the dressage saddle. I had a 
    saddle fitter/repair guy out yesterday and he felt the dressage saddle fit 
    well. He commented that my horse's back is pretty short and the offending 
    saddle is too long. The dressage saddle is much shorter in length.
    19 inch panels seem to be what I need. Which saddle companies make a shorter 
    saddle? I have had lots of emails recommending the orthoflex. How long is it 
    from pommel to cantle?
    BTW regarding the size issue. My ponies are 13 hands.... in fact the average 
    Icelandic horse is 13 hands. and they are the only horse used in Iceland. 
    I've seen some pretty big Icelander men ride these horses no problem. They 
    have been bred this way for a thousand years, and can carry heavy weight all 
    day long. One think that is different about them is bone density. One of my 
    guys has short 8 inch cannons, which are bigger than my 15.2 Morgan mare who 
    by no means is refined.
    As for length of stride, one of my short guys can easily keep up with the 
    average "big guy." I've won many "trotting race sprints" up against 16 
    handers <g>. Those short legs and move! 
    OTOH one of my other guys can't scatter his own poop (which is why it took me 
    so long at Norco)! I think we were trotting at a blazing 2 mph. 
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