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    [RC] update on sore back.... - Cindi Hein

    Okay, I think I got this puzzle figured out. I rode again today and I kept feeling like I was crooked. My left hip felt like it was more forward. It felt strange. My horse again kept looking over his right shoulder. I went back down to the truck and went home. His back is sore again!
    I ride in a sports saddle. I have two of them. I brought both saddles into the house to inspect. I had taken in one of the saddles to have a cut back done. I found that the cut back is uneven by a little over a 1/2 inch.
    That would do it!
    The saddle is now crooked. I will let his back go back to normal and ride in my other normal sports saddle. And I'm sure he won't be sore.
    I'll take the saddle back to the place that did it and see if they can't fix it. BUMMER!!!! But, hopefully the mystery is solved. It was just so strange because he has NEVER had a sore back.

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