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    Re: [RC] Under run heels - DESERTRYDR1

    Actually, most Arabians are not Born with mismatching angles, they just seem 
    prone to develop them as babies.  I think it has something to do with the way 
    they are fed as nursing babies and weanlings.  I know one farm that almost 
    all of their born-and-raised on the farm horses have a clubby foot, even 
    though they are of different bloodlines.  I watched one filly go from perfect 
    feet as a baby, to lameness and clubby foot as a weanling.  It seems to be 
    related to the richness of diet, improper Ca/Ph balance, and difference in 
    the rate of growth between bone and tendons/ligaments.  Some farms have many 
    club footed babies from mares with no discernible differences in hoof angles. 
     In my opinion, and the opinion of my farrier, the best thing to do is 
    trim/shoe each foot to it's own angle.  A biotin supplement can help with the 
    overall quality of the hoof, but you have to use it consistently for at least 
    a year to see much of a difference.  As long as the only difference is in 
    hoop shape/angle, don't worry too much, just have a good farrier fit to each 
    hoof.  If only this one hoof itself has a different quality of wall or sole, 
    talk to your vet.  May be the result of an earlier injury to the coronary 
    band or something.  I definitely would not go with a heel caulk.  It sounds 
    like your farrier is giving you good service.  jeri
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