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    Re: [RC] [RC] Speed Freak] - Truman Prevatt

    Before you ever try such a thing on a horse go to a gym and learn on a vaulting horse with professional instruction and spotters.
    This is a skill you want to learn on a vaulting horse that fixed and is 3 1/2 feet off the ground rather than a real horse wthat is 5 feet off the ground and can move on you.

    Also remember if this is done off a runaway horse he could be going upwards to 25 mph which is faster than all but world class human sprinters can run. Hence when you hit the ground you forward motion will be faster than you can keep up with and you will hit the ground very hard. It would be the same as jumping out of a truck going 25 mph.

    So while vaulting is a good skill to have, know how to do it and know when to do it and when not to do it.


    Sarah Zegers wrote:

    To execute an emergency dismount, you basically vault off the horse by
    placing one hand on the pommel, one hand on the withers, drop both
    stirrups, and push yourself up & away from the horse while swinging a
    leg over the as you do in a regular dismount, but faster. The key is to
    drop the stirrups & push yourself up & to the side with both hands.
    Done correctly, it becomes one smooth motion & you will land on your
    feet. Practice while halted, then at a walk, then trot, etc. It's
    really pretty easy, just be sure to push away from the horse as you're
    in the air, so as not to wind up under a moving horse. The motion of
    the horse also helps to land you off to the side if you push sideways.
    And remember to keep ahold of the reins, if possible! Just visualize
    those trick riders vaulting on & off circus horses, and you've got it!


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    Re: [RC] [RC] Speed Freak], Sarah Zegers