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    [RC] More on ROC - Kay Mathews

    Thanks Karen for your post, it certainly clears up a lot of questions, doesn't it? I recently heard the same thing from a local ride manager(no reason to exaggerate this) who is interested in putting on the NC, maybe. However, she has many concerns and one of them is the timing of the NC. It would be put down in the middle of many already existing rides in this area. How will this affect the local rides (i.e., wipe them out?) Since Randy has established a precedent that no ride can be two weeks before or two weeks after the NC, who doesn't get to have their ride? I don't disagree with the concept of having the NC in a "permanent" home in the center of the nation. After all, I suggested Big Horn last year, but evidently the NC committee didn't like this idea. I say leave it where it is, then the ROC can go on next year without at least that conflict. Now, if we don't have to protect a ride with 0 entries, waaahooo! Maybe the best interests of endurance riding will prevail. Tinker Hart W Region

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