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    Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] Equine Clinicians Compete - Karen Snodgrass

    <<You start with a nice, sound horse with the proper
    disposition and you TRAIN him to be that way...but it doesn't happen in
    two hours.>>
    And if you go see a John Lyons clinic or symposium, you will hear him say this.   I have seen John Lyons at the Equine Affaire in Ohio the last few years.  He shows starting the young, un-broke horse in a round pen.  At the end of each session, John is the first to admit the horse is NOT trained.  He stresses over and over that it takes 600 - 1000 repetitions of the same action to *teach* the horse a particular maneuver.  AND you must ask for it the same way each time or the learning process will take longer.

    Karen (in NE Ohio)