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    RE: [RC] Speed Control - Maryanne Stroud Gabbani

    My favorite mare was nicknamed “The Red Rocket” for her addiction to racing.  A friend of mine took me out once when I was complaining about Dory running away with me and told me that when she took off on a long flat stretch (desert so really long and flat) just let her go, and then when she shows the slightest sign of being tired, ask her to run a bit longer at YOUR insistence.  Did this a couple of times and she figured out that she could have her run, but when I said she could. I also found that a jointed snaffle hurt her mouth and made her more likely to run off, so a low port kimberwicke worked better for her as she works best on a loose rein. ALSO, she’s a very clever mare and we finally came to an agreement that if she got turnout time to play, she behaved in the arena and on the trail. Most horses here are stalled rather than pastured, unfortunately. There are a lot of solutions to try.


    Maryanne Stroud Gabbani

    Cairo, Egypt



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    " I have a ten year old ex-racehorse who is a speed freak also.  He to scares me, I refuse to go to anything other than an eggbutt snaffle, but I will use a running martingale for leverage.  I am also looking for advice on this matter, so all you experience people, speak up."


    Take him on a really, really long ride and let him get good and tired out.  Then take him out the next day, and so forth.  He'll learn.

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