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    Re: [RC] [RC] Speed Control / bits - Brittany Murphy

    < Remember it's not the mouth thats running away, it's the legs. You can
    stop the mouth but what you really need to do is stop the legs. A steady
    pull/tug on a mouth to slow down will only cause the horse to dive down
    on the front end, pull against your hands and encourage the horse to go
    faster. >

    OK, this is where I want to dive into this thread. Just last night I was riding and I apparently had gotten the 'speed freak' out of the pasture instead of my normal, laid back mount. I am NOT a trainer but I have worked with my horse on his cues/aids, but when he wants to go, he just does. Forget me! There's nothing I can do and I feel exactly like what Char described above. So what can I do training-wise to stop the legs and not the mouth? When I do arena work with him, he is perfect. Most of the time on the trail he is very responsive, but... sometimes that alter-ego kicks in and he's SPEED FREAK! I want to do it right, I just don't know how :( Very frusterating


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