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    [RC] NASTR Stallion Service Auction - Ridecamp Guest

    Peter Mileo ctyslcr@xxxxxxx
    We are putting together our NASTR Stallion Service Auction once again.  We had a very successful fundraiser last season and look forward to another.  As some of you know, the money we earned goes toward trail preservation in Northern Nevada and California.  We feel we had some very significant horses that created lots of interest in our auction.  This coming year we hope to do a better job promoting the auction both locally and Nationally so we may increase our revenue.  We are hoping to maintain the strong lineup we put together last year and will be contacting those owners again.  We will be accepting some additional stallions but we must try to limit the total to a manageable number of stallions that can be adequately presented in an ad.  If you would like to offer a breeding to your stallion, please contact me.  We are looking for horses who are competing in endurance or have get that are competing.  My email is ctyslcr@xxxxxxx or call me at (775)267-4873.
    Thank you for listing.
    Peter Mileo
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