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    Re: [RC] how many days a week do you ride for a 25? - Joe Long

    On Thu, 8 Aug 2002 02:26:04 EDT, SunsetOvrC@xxxxxxx wrote:
    >Thanks for all the advice everyone.  I am relieved and happy to know that I 
    >have enough time in my schedule to condition.  Is three months of 
    >conditioning like this enough to do a SLOW 25?  
    It's more than enough.  Most horses kept on pasture or ridden
    weekends can do a slow 25 with no additional conditioning at all.
    >I got the information for 
    >riding 5 times a week when first starting out from the AERC handbook.  "Most 
    >people prefer to work five days a week, allowing two rest days"   
    The training schedule in the handbook was written by a person who did
    not work for a living, and used a VERY aggressive training schedule.
    Most people cannot put in that many hours conditioning, and would
    likely have problems if they did.   IMO we should revise that portion
    of the handbook for the next edition.
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    Re: [RC] how many days a week do you ride for a 25?, SunsetOvrC