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    Re: [RC] Speed Control - Colleen Egleston

     I have a ten year old ex-racehorse who is a speed freak also.  He to scares me, I refuse to go to anything other than an eggbutt snaffle, but I will use a running martingale for leverage.  I am also looking for advice on this matter, so all you experience people, speak up.
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    Similiar with Rascal. Been riding him really 2yr. He's 9. Mostly good in ring , occasionlally  stinky in ring. We are working on giving to bit, and working  on stopping and walk, trot, stop, walk, stop, ect. transitions. I use a mylar snaffle. I tried tougher bit, got bucking instead.  A John lyons fan, I only use snaffles, a horse can go thru any bit.. I'm hoping if we practice it enough, he will actually obey me. When he does the faster, faster, I slow or half, halt him or make him turn and go the other way, or do circles. Anything to make him remember I am there and who is in charge.But he doesn't do it all the time, only occasionally. So I make sure he doesn't get rewarded as soon as he gets home. We either go work in the ring a few minutes or he stands tied for a little while. (I'd fed him or let him graze when he got home right away, then wondered why he was bolting for home). Occasionally I can tell its a trust, confidence thing, other times I think he just wants to see if he can take over.As for the fear thing. You could wear a helmet ,learn a n emergency dismount,  pray , and do losts of obediance work in the ring. I am watching for the advice beyond this too, I think it just might be the "green horse syndrome".  Laurie and RAscal
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    Jerry Koenig jerryk3000@xxxxxxx
    Speed Control??? it's killing me. I'm used to a push button horse I've ridden for the past 19 years. Now we have a relatively new 15.3 hand Arab (8 years old) with a lovable disposition, but speed control eludes me and for sure him. For a while we have a controlled trot, but then the horse, feeling good, starts picking up speed. To much for my comfort and it's a battle trying to hold him back.

    Riding on the trails and riding in the arena seem to be two different ball games. In the arena he minds on the trail well that's another story.

    I am ridding with a snaffle bit and thinking of changing, but to what?

    Anyway, tips would be appreciated. I've been around our sport since 1981 and love it dearly, but it's scary not to be in reasonable control. This horse has in my opinion great potential, but I want to live to enjoy it.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    Jerry Koenig 1348

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    Re: [RC] Speed Control, Laurie Durgin