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    Re: [RC] [RC] RM question - Nancy Mitts

    I is my understanding that the BC scoring is done on the BC sheet from the examination of the horse done 1 hour post ride. Most vets now also do a CRI at 10-15 minutes post ride for BC purposes. I have had head vets who did not even want the rider & horses name on the BC sheet, or their ride time, only their number. (Of course, in a small group they would in reality know those things anyway.) So, the ride card should not be needed for filling out BC anyway.
    As to wrong/incomplete/illegible info on entry forms--it is always a problem. The only solution I know is to take the time to check everything is there before they leave the entry table. If someone threw me a form & walked off I'd be tempted to say they weren't properly entered...

    Nancy Mitts

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    We had ziplocs available though I am not sure my daughter remembered to offer them to everyone. The rider who was the worst offender is a long time, well experienced rider and her card was soooooo bad, it had pieces missing. She knows better. You couldn't read the CRI's or vet's scores from the checks. He had to try and recall. Maybe I place too much importance on a vet card and maybe those scores are really only important when it comes down to BC judging. One gal simply LOST her card. Of course, we had all the in times, pulse down times, etc. but we don't keep records at the checks of CRI's or vet scores on gut, etc. Should we? Maybe the CRI scores? That can really make a major difference in BC scoring on recovery where one point becomes ten. Anyway, I am still testing the waters and finding out what my responsiblities are, what decisions I am expected to make and just how much authority I do or do not have. I'm sure in another ten years (if I make it that far!), I'll be much more confident and knowledgeable about the whole thing. Maybe in ten years. :) LOL Thanks to EVERYONE for their helpful comments and advice!

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