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    Re: [RC] [RC] leasing and how many days a week do you ride for a 25? - Deanna German

    Heidi sez:
    >You can actually create problems by conditioning back-to-back that you
    >would never encounter by giving the horse adequate rest between rides.
    >Tissue recovery times are in the neighborhood of 48-72 hours, and small
    >increments of damage can become cumulative when there is insufficient rest
    >between exercise sessions.
    This makes absolutely no sense to me. Even if what you say about tissue
    recovery is correct, what about allowing for rehydration, rest and food?
    That's gotta be worth something.
    When doing 25's and 30's, I'd throw in a couple of days (weekends >g<) of
    back-to-back 10 - 15 mile rides. Every few weeks. Pretty much as the weather
    allowed. Now that I'm prepping for endurance, I'm using the two-day 50 mile
    CTRs as conditioning and prep for a one-day 50. Makes more sense to me than
    just leaping up to the next competitive level. I'd think a two-day 100 would
    be good prep for a one-day 100.
    I'm not talking riding every day either. Let's face it, most of us have the
    most time to ride on the weekends and the horse would get a one or two day
    break after.
    Lif says:
    > Actually, it's important to put some back-to-back days in as well.
    > Tack  problems and other problems that won't show up on conditioning
    > rides - but  *do* on endurance rides - will often make themselves
    > obvious by riding two  or three days in a row.
    Yup! I've made tack adjustments at every level and the back-to-back rides
    make the necessity obvious without doing in the horse. Lif said a whole
    bunch of other stuff I agree with too.
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