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    Re: [RC] cell phones for emergencies - April Johnson

    This is true. If you have a cell phone that can get a signal, you can call
    911 without being signed up for a cell phone plan. I have given a phone to
    my grandparents and my father-in-law for just this purpose. My husband
    called the companies that issued the phones to be sure this was the case.
    Nashville, TN
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      Somewhere I read that any cell phone with a sound battery can be used to
    call 911 even if you are not signed up with a wireless carrier.  By law 911
    calls have to be accepted.  I am nopt sure if this is true but will try to
    verify it: if it is true, those who want to save $$ can still carry a cell
    phone for emergencies.  There are also '911 cell phones' which can be
    purchased which only can be used to call 911 - I found numerous references
    to these when using google to search for 'cell phone 911' on the net.
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    [RC] cell phones for emergencies, Ridecamp Guest