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Current to Wed Jul 23 17:31:54 GMT 2003
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    [RC] Look Out!! - amber applegate

    Well, first day in forever that we aren't choking on smoke! So I took
    Cruiser out for a final spin and he was awesome! Best we have ever done. HR
    fabulous, stayed in his RW, pulsed down to criteria in two minutes, made our
    fastest time yet and didn't leave the barn until 2:20pm, in the heat of the
    Look out Orick in the Redwoods, here we come! and don't think we are going
    to be last place this time, the heck with the bag of carrots for the last
    place winner, we are aiming for second to last, Hah!
    You will know it"s us by the rhymic sounds of the TWH hooves, Ride em
    amber and cruiser ready to rock and roll.
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