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    Re: [RC] Endurance Saddles - DESERTRYDR1

    My friend and I both have the Solstice.  It's a REALLY comfy saddle for me, 
    and her horse likes hers a lot.  I have a new Wintec with CAIR panels that is 
    also very comfy and my horse seems to like it.  I rode in the Solstice for 
    about 2 years, and it is a wonderful saddle, very well made, and has rings to 
    hang stuff from.  I had it widened by  their saddlemaker down in AZ, price 
    was reasonable, work was well done, and turn around time was fantastic (like 
    10 days from the time it left my hands til I got it back, and the UPS trip 
    was 3 days each way!)  I can only say good things about Beverly Gray, the 
    Rep.  She has a very liberal try out period, and will really work with you.  
    I bought my saddle used at the AERC convention, and she worked with the 
    seller and me to get reasonable terms for the try out etc.  I was very 
    pleased with the whole transaction.  Although I am not currently using the 
    Solstice, (my horse changed shape YET AGAIN) I have no plans to sell it.  It 
    fit my other mare who is out on a breeding lease.  When I get her home, I 
    will have a saddle for her.  Also it is such a good quality saddle that I 
    would never be able to replace it for what I could sell it for.  (Why I have 
    8 saddles)  Good luck in whatever you choose, be sure that you can try it out 
    in normal riding conditions for several days.  Most makers/sellers of 
    endurance saddles realize how important fit is to the endurance horse, so 
    they are a bit more liberal than your local saddle shop with tryouts.       
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