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    [RC] cure for girth galls, scratches and rain rot - Deanna German

    Last week or the week before, I wrote to RC looking for cures to all of the
    conditions mentioned in the above subject line. Thanks to all who responded.
    I found the cure right in my own tack box. It's a product called Tea-Zon
    cream from Healing Tree Products in Oregon. I bought it at Equine Affaire.
    It ain't cheap, but it cleared up her skin problems in a week. The hair is
    even growing back already!
    To prevent further irritation, I'm now lubing the area behind my mare's
    elbows with vaseline, girthing less tightly and washing my girths following
    each use. Post-ride, I wash the vaseline away with a sudsy soap, and then I
    follow up with a tea-tree oil product. I also make sure she's completely dry
    before turning her out or stalling her. (No easy trick in this
    south-Georgia-in-Ohio weather.)
    Healing Tree also sells a product called Tea-Clenz that can be diluted in
    water and used as a post-ride rinse; I've chosen instead to dilute it
    slightly in a spray bottle and I spray the infection prone areas and also
    the bottom of my SupraCor pad.
    Just thought I'd share my joy!
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