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    [RC] long term ez boots experts chime in pleez! - Karen

    and to protect from the metal tines. Thus far they have twisted once, on
    the foot that is very misshapen, but maybe I only had 2 loops of duct tape
    that day (?)

    Jon -- I have had better luck putting duct tape over the metal teeth, and then adjusting the boot for each foot. Also, remember that how the boot fits can change depending upon where your horse is in his trimming/shoeing schedule. You may want to try shortening the heel strap or adjusting the cable a different way. Club feet or deformed feet can be a challenge.

    My Easyboot articles are all linked from here: http://members.tripod.com/ridephotos You can read about how I foam the boots on and have left them on at 2 week intervals (for months at a time). So long as you have the foot cleaned thoroughly and spray it with iodine you should not have any problems. Use a wire brush if you have to so the hoof is thoroughly cleaned. I have found that the horses feet are actually in better shape after having the boots on their feet because once they are in an enclosed sealed environment -- they stay clean that way. Spray with iodine more than once prior to application of the foam -- start a few days ahead and spray daily. Then, the night before, morning of, etc. You really want that hoof clean!

    Don't leave easyboots on your horse to start with for more than a day or two at a time. Be sure to inspect the hoof, especially the heel bulb - to make sure that you are not causing a problem. I personally would not foam an easyboot with a heel strap and leave it on one of my horses for more than a couple of days. If you do this (with the heel strap on) make sure beforehand that your horse will tolerate the heel strap on their bulbs for a week long interval. You'll read in my articles about how I foam the boots on minus the heel strap. Good luck!

    Happy trails,

    in NV
    & Weaver & Rocky, over 10k miles in easyboots

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