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    [RC] Corn - Roger Rittenhouse

    The below question about POP-CORN. A study by Dr Kathleen Crandell
    indicted the BEST form of corn to give horses was POP-CORN  - Why- it
    was 'cracked' the starches have been pre-broken down for easy
    digestion in the SI.
    So she helped develop the 'steamed flaked baked corn'  made my Penfield in
    PA. They make this corn flakes that is great tasting and digests very
    safely. Not available anywhere expect PA/MD/VA/NC?
    The option is to find 'steamed rolled corn'. I use this in my COB
    Only problem is - it gets buggy and rancid very fast. I order it on
    WED and pick up on Mon or Tues just after it arrives at the feed dealer.
    He keeps it in a cool room with other unstable grains and feeds.
    I mix the COB and put it ALL in the large chest freezers. Running that
    is - no bad grain.
    can corn at a ride  hey I might try it... of course its not NATURAL so
     the rule 13 police will get you.
     Roger                          mailto:roger@xxxxxxxxxxx
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