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    Re: [RC] WNV another view - amber applegate

    This is for Dr. Heidi..............
    I am glad this has come up. I keep forgetting to ask my Vet this question, if you have to administer Epinepherine to a horse or if out on the trail and the rider goes into shock from bee stings or what ever, what is the dose to give to either?
    Also, I have a very old bottle of Epinephrine, like years old, is it time to replace it? and does it need to be kept in the fridge?  And is this shot to be given Sub-q or IM?  rider or horse again.
    > I'm sure that even veterinarians who are willing to dispense the vaccine
    > will also be more than willing to come give it for you, if you don't care to
    > assume the risk of anaphylaxis yourself.  BTW, anaphylaxis can occur
    > anywhere from immediately following administration up to four hours
    > later--so even if you "wait around the vet's truck for at least an hour" you
    > may well still have to deal with anaphylaxis.  (Generally, though, the
    > slower the onset, the less severe the shock, and the better the prognosis.)
    > I've personally never run into a colleague who routinely hangs around for
    > four hours after giving injections.
    > Heidi
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