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    [RC] Las Vegas, NV - drhopkins

    Going to be in Las Vegas for continuing education the first weekend in August.  
    Have some free time Saturday and was thinking that I'd be tired of glitz, 
    shows, and being clean, not to mention it would have been 4 days since I 
    smelled and hugged a horse.  Found only one place that offers horseback riding 
    tours called Action Tours that has a breakfast ride to Box Canyon.  Claims you 
    can see the strip on your way back.  Pick you up at the hotel at 6:00 am have 
    you back 5 hours later.  Also offer a dinner ride 'with a view of Spring 
    Mountain range' and ride to the desert floor.  Pick you up at the hotel at 5:30 
    Question is, does anyone know anything about Action Tours good or bad and is it 
    worth it to do the trip, cost $100.00 for breakfast, $150.00 for dinner ride.  
    It's been in the 90's here (Ohio) with 80 to 90% humidity and the flies are 
    unbearable here.  Will it be seem any better there?  I figure at least I won't 
    have to tack and untack the horses (the worst part of riding in the heat).  
    Thanks for your input and any other suggestions.
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