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    Re: [RC] Florida Mountain - Truman Prevatt

    First of all 6 ft and 12 ft aren't hill's even in FL. Come over the Brooksville ir Tillis Hill, where there are some hills. Heck my land drops so much I had to put in a walkout basement at my place. Throw in a long one mile hill in deep sand at a gallop you can get some real conditioning on them. For the back, it's miles and miles and miles. If a mountain is too steep, Howard you should be off walking. After all you are bumping up against the HW category and HW's have to walk:-).


    Howard Bramhall wrote:


    This is one of the few areas where Truman and I disagree.  I don't think you can replace the training you can gain from working in "real" mountains, especially where the horse's back is concerned.  My PHD buddy disagrees, he says deep sand is close enough.  Since, I'm not sure exactly what close enough means, I'll let Truman explain it to you.

    All I know is I have yet to be able to match the high respiration and high heart rate attained at Leatherwood down here in the land of sand.  Just wait till I take my heart monitor with me to Leatherwood next year.  I'll have numbers that will knock your socks off! 





    To: <Ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx >

         Hi, I found 2 areas I can work my horse.        Now I have a ?.
        One is a real hill about 15ft. high, with nice slope (not to steep)
        The other is a decline going down about 12ft with about  6ft bottom then up again. Which one would work my horses back muscles the best. Or would they both do  the same thing.  I have not gotten one of those really neat heart monitors yet. Just a cheap stethoscope.
        that I really have problems getting a heart rate with.    Does anyone know how to figure this out, come
       on Howard & Truman, I am new, but know already that one of you can answer this one.
                      Diane & Brazz

    [RC] Florida Mountain, Howard Bramhall