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    Re: [RC] Toes, Ankles, and Knees--Gender Differences? - Laney Humphrey

    Hi Linda,
        I'll be brief 'cause I gotta go ride.  Women are built differently from men but we all ride in the same saddles.  My belief is that where we hurt first is a combination of our own particular anatomy taking into account that most women's hip joints are placed and angulated differently from men's which makes our legs angle in towards our knees while men's hang straight plus the saddle we ride in.  You also have to take into account the ascending angle of your pubic area from sitbones to pubic arch - some shallow, some steep, and how far apart your sitbones are and how all this matches the seat of your saddle.  Then there is the issue of how much "flesh" you have on the inner sides of your thighs and whether your saddle gives you the right amount of room for your flesh.
        Lots to think about!

    "Linda B. Merims" wrote:The man appears to be using standard English stirrups.

     My greatest barrier to long hours in the saddle is: 1.  Knees2.  Toes going to sleep With my knees being the real gating factor.  Most ofmy (female) friends feel it in their knees long beforeanywhere else in their bodies.  Julie Suhrmentioned in her wonderful book "Ten FeetTall--Still" that her weak spot is her ankles. Do men have these same physical "hot spots" aswomen?  Do you guys feel it in the knees--ordoes the stress manifest itself somewhere else(back, shoulders...)? Linda B. Merimslbm@xxxxxxxxxMassachusetts, USA  

    [RC] Toes, Ankles, and Knees--Gender Differences?, Linda B. Merims