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Gods & Generals...its a wrap

Hello,  i did it, got paid and have spent the money.  it was fun and they do eat good.  getting my hair curled and hair-sprayed in the Trailer was a first. must have been 20 tractor trailers just to film a small tavern scene. the clothes were great and i tried to buy the shoes cause they were so comfortable lace up boot-shoes from the period.  driving up there to film there were all these shooting stars i knew it was a sign.  i was so far back from John Wilkes Booths' scene i couldn't even hear the dialogue. the film will be out next year and they are already gearing up for the 3rd one.  anyone want to see me as i appeared in the scene can go to  to see a scruffy ole man dressed up.  punch in Testimonials and if you need a car, truck or anything call Larry.  tom sites

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