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RE: Tom Ivers in Endurance World - and winning

Regarding Tony's quote "Second place is the first looser" - one thing to
consider is that FEI recognizes both individual and team placements. A
winning team is not necessary composed of winning indivuals. And typcially
when putting a team together, you have to consider that at least 3 (out of
4) individuals must finish in order to have a team score. So it's a little
more complicated than just going out and trying to beat all of the
competition. Often the teams that medal are composed of indivuals that
finished near the middle of the pack. When putting together a US squad for
the 2002 WEC, the selectors will be looking at riders capable of individual
medals, as well as riders who are likely to contribute to a team medal. Not
always the same. And there may be individuals in the squad who prefer to
ride as 'Individuals' rather than 'Team members' (these must be declared
before the start of the event) so that they can attempt an individual medal,
without compromising a team medal due to higher risks taken.

Don't get the idea that folks on the FEI circuit are always trying to turn
in the fastest overall ride time. There are just a handful of horses out
there capable of being the fastest (stastical bell curve supports this)
horse in the world, continent, country, whatever. These are extraordinary
atheletes.  The rest of the field is often horses that are excellent, but
not the best,- but may well be gold medal team horses, given the right
pacing and strategy. And they must Finish. Tom seems to be hung up on the
'to finish is to win' motto. I sort of like the Arab's motto 'to win, you
must finish'. But still, you must finish to even be part of the game. Folks
do realize this.


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I agree with Wolfgang.  Well written.
As far as professionalism goes, when competing at an international level it
must be higher.  Olympic athletes go to a higher level, they must.  And yes,
winning is very important.  At these levels the moto is "Second place is the
first looser."  You make the choice to go up to these levels.  This does not
diminish the lower levels like club level or regional levels, I think that
it enhances them.  Like in all sports there are many different levels.
Tony C

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