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Re: Putting a stop on a horse.

Amen to what you say, Jim. As many of the ridecampers know, I have had 
my share of "Hard knocks" because of a horse that needed mor training at 
home, when I took him to rides. Now, after going back to basics, and 
teaching him a lot at home, he's safeer for me to ride at the start of 
an endurance ride. To get his attention back at the start of rides or 
surrounded by distractions took a lot of repetitive "homework" in the 
pasture, fields and trails near my house. I am riding him without a bit 
in his mouth, with a mechanical hackamore the first loop and a bitless 
bridle the rest of the ride, with very light contact, and "body 
language" that he now understands and pays attention to. Good training 
with light contact does not happen over night. This particular horse has 
taught ME more than I have taught him. We have both come a long way.

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