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Re: Tack Swap at convention

Yes there will be a tack swap at the convention this year, I am running it for AERC.  Bring your items as early as possible on Friday  morning and be sure to pick up any reaming items on Saturday afternoon.  AERC gets a 10% commission on items sold.  Just ask at check in where the booth is and they will direct you.  If you have any further questions I can answer let me know.
Corky Young
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From: Jennifer Layman
Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2002 8:07 AM
Subject: RC: Tack Swap at convention

Does anyone have any information on the used tack swap happening at the convention?  When is it exactly, and if you are selling something when and where to bring it, etc.  I thought I saw it in the AERC News and now I can't find it.

Thanks,  Jennifer

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