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Re: RC: Catastrophe Control

Kathy, actually I think if we were to ever ride together, we would
probably both learn something from each other.  Everybody does it a
little different....and there are great successes with different
approaches.  It's whatever works for you.  

People with all kinds of expertise in different disciplines and with
many miles or few miles post their opinions here.  What everyone should
do is evaluate ALL the opinions and experiences of everyone's posts and
adopt the ones that work for them. You can learn much from other
people's experiences, good and bad....and we're actually ALL full of hot
air! <grin>

Jim, Sun of Dimanche and Mahada Magic wrote:
> Kathy Mayeda
> Steph/John - Again, posting as a GUEST: which is amusing because I get my
> digest at this e-address.
> Jim, I love it when you jump to conclusions and think you're a far
> superior and wiser rider than I.  Maybe you are, but I'm not particularly
> buying it. :)  Other people may think I'm full of hot air, too!   (And
> actually tonight I'm in work avoidance mode, so I probably AM full of hot
> air.)

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