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Kathy Mayeda
Cindy, that is a real interesting observation about nose to the ground and
peeing.  Beau pees a lot, too.  However, the last time he was "rooting"
and racing, he was actually a little dehydrated at the end of the race,
judging by his pee color.  Hmmmm......  Have no idea if the two is

I don't think that Beau has been using his back particularly well lately.
When my farrier used beveled shoes on his hinds, basically he would
shuffle along like a Western Pleasure horse instead of the long tuck under
that he does normally with the flat wide web shoes.  I got the farrier to
fix the hinds, but his front breakover is not quite there yet..... I also
need to do some more suppling work.  He definitely could use some more
muscling over his back - right now it's looking rather stringy.

Maybe he just needs to stretch his back......


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