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RC: help me pull

I have absolutely no problems pulling my two-horse, with or without two 
horses in it, with my 1996 Grand Cherokee.  I have the 5.2 V8, the supped up 
cooling and transmission, and the tow package.  It's rated for 6500 pounds.

Now, I have, on desperate occassions, pulled a large stock trailer, 16 long 
(6 wide by 7 tall inside measurements)  This is not a good thing.  Stopping 
is hard, load has to be managed carefully to prevent/minimize sway.  Not 
recommended.  Not by any means recommended.

But for just two horse in a straight load bumper pull, it's fine.


>   Help me pick a vehicle to pull a 2 horse trailer. I need something 
>preferably SUV type that my kids can sit in back (2 kids) and also 
>something not to LARGE. I need to drive around city without driving a BOAT. 
>I am looking at a used vehicle. Kind of like the Jeep Grand Cherokees in V8 
>engine size

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