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Re: RC: Jim's list

Translated, that means don't forget the 7 P's....Proper Prior Planning
Prevents Piss Poor Performance. <grin>

Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic

Truman Prevatt wrote:
> Jim is the Marine through an through. Never go to battle till properly
> trained - be it human on patrol or horse on an endurance ride. Expect
> the best, demand the best, train for the best and you will get the
> best.
> Truman
> Kathy Mayeda wrote:
> > Jim sez:
> > If you want a horse that is not "out of control" at the beginning of
> > the ride, you need to ask yourself if your horse can do AT LEAST the
> > following:
> >
> >   1. You and another rider are walking along beside each other. If
> >      the other rider suddenly canters off, will your horse continue
> >      to walk with nothing more than a pick up of the reins or just
> >      an "aaann't"?
> >   2. If you're walking along in a group of say, 8-10 riders, can you
> >      stop your horse and have him stand quietly while they all walk
> >      off?
> >   3.  Riding by yourself on the trail or in an arena, can you go
> >      from a walk to a trot to a canter to a trot to a walk with
> >      nothing more than a verbal or "body english" cue on a slack
> >      rein?
> >   4. Does your horse respond readily to leg cues? That is, can you
> >      turn on hind, turn on fore, sidepass, and back with little or
> >      no rein pressure. You need this as part of his training to
> >      provide "work" when he isn't listening.
> >   5. Will your horse, at a walk, stop on a verbal "Whoa", then
> >      resume on a "kiss" with no rein action?
> >   6. Will your horse drop his head with poll pressure? Will he also
> >      do it with a rein cue at a trot, canter, and even at a gallop?
> >
> >
> > There are a zillion other things that go into "conditioning" a horse
> > to be under control at all times. IMHO, all those mechanical things
> > like Martingales, special bits, etc. are just a way of attempting to
> > overcome a lack of training. Just depends on how much time and
> > effort you're willing to put into it. Pay me now, or pay me later.
> > How much is your body worth? Personally, I'm chicken! <grin> Jim,
> > Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic
> >
> >
> > Iím just cracking up because I could pretty much say yes to all of
> > the above except for that poll pressure thing because I canít do it
> > with the snaffle and his neck is too long to reach it without
> > climbing onto his neck.  Everything is nice and dandy in theory
> > above.  I agree with it (except for your stupid poll thing).
> >
> > Iíve done some PNH training and know all about disengaging
> > hindquarters, zones, etc. but have seen some Level 3 PNH trainers
> > having runaway horses, too!
> >
> > But Beau is not a green horse.  He is very quiet and a dream to ride
> > under most situations Ė including group training rides.  I let my
> > inexperienced niece ride him on the trail while Iím riding my
> > greenie Drako, because heís pretty pushbutton.  Just a different
> > animal on race day.
> >
> > K.
> >
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