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Re: Mr Ivers and Business

Wanna bet this is from TI?

Debi  :-)))
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Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2002 6:59 PM
Subject: RC: Mr Ivers and Business

> uninvited guest
> It is realized that Mr Ivers chooses to bed himself with the FEI or
> attempt to get in good graces. WHY? Perhaps he sees it beneficial to his
> business. However there are two ways for getting business. The honest no
> nonsense provide a good service or product or the other way..Bull shit
> yourself into looking good. What other way to make yourself look good is
> to degrade those that are "alledgedly doing it wrong" . He is just doing
> business friends. That is all he is just doing his business. If Mr Ivers
> chooses to do Business this be it..this is America home of the
> free, brave and the rights to do business honestly or not so honestly.
> Sincerly
> Deep Lurker
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