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I have never ridden the ROC. I am one of those unambitious riders who 
goes only to rides close by. I get to five or six a year. I have hopes 
of riding the ROC one day, now that it is being held in the county of my 
birth. My problems getting there are logistical and financial, and have 
nothing to do with whether it is sanctioned or not. I know what I need 
to do to take care of my horse. She  is qualified under the "old" rules. 
The ROC has always been well run from what I have heard. The history of 
the ride shows well qualified vets, and good planning and preparation. 
Now that Susan is bringing it back, why don't we remain silent on the 
controversial issues until we observe a problem. Give the "wrinkles" 
time to be worked out. There is several months before the ride takes 
place. It will probably all come together in time.There are rpobably 
things in the works that none of has access to, and our worries may not 
be founded in real fact.

As a ride manager, I know what details and planning go in to making a 
ride "come together". It's a lot like cleaning a messy house before 
company comes over. It looks like a mess, but by the time the guests 
arrive, it is all in order and ready. Let's give her a chance to get it 
all together. Then, after the fact, is the time to be critical, but 
hopefully in a constructive way.

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