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ROC sanctioning

My comment on ROC sanctioning is that there are no corners 
to cut on this for AERC sanctioning.

The date is past and there was no attempt to get AERC 
sanctioning.  It is certain that there will be no AERC 
sanctioning for the ROC.

And at the moment - even lifetime miles are not possible for 
AERC members.

Any ride that gets lifetime miles for an AERC member must be 
sanctioned by a recognized authority in the country the ride 
takes place in.  For example - an AERC member riding in the 
Australian Quilty and completing would get lifetime miles.

So unless ROC gets sanctioning from another recognized 
organization before the ride - AERC members would not get 
lifetime miles for completing the ROC.

It sounds like a great ride and I hope every rider who takes 
part has a great experience.  The ROC has a long tradition 
and I hope it continues.

It would have been nice though if AERC members could have it 
show up on their records.


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