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Cleaning Suede Chaps

Several years ago Horse and Rider magazine had a very useful article on
cleaning show chaps.  To get spots out (usually grease based from
highlighting goop) spray with Spray and Wash. Let sit a few minutes, then
wash in the washer with mild detergent.  Add fab softner in rinse cycle.
Put thick towels or a blanket on floor, spread chaps out and straighten
fringe (if any) with fingers and allow chaps to dry.  They come out
Mine were black, stained and faded.  I followed the articles' directions
for dying after washing and getting stains out.  Pour 2 bottles Rit liquid
black dye to washer, add 1/2 bottle of Rit navy blue liquid dye. Run thru
the washer's longest wash cycle. And then run them thru another longest
cycle. They came out a "deep" black and I would still be wearing them for
pleasure trail riding if they hadn't "shrunk" in a plastic tote over the
years! LOL

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