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RE: Good Old Tom Ivers

Title: Good Old Tom Ivers
Before making any suppositions about non-AERC sanctioned FEI rides review the hierarchy of how the FEI is purported to work in each country.
Starting from the top down you have the FEI that only talks to the "National Federation of the particular country. In the case of the US The FEI purportedly only has contact with the USA/E (ex-AHSA). This National Federation is the over all group representing the several disciplines in the Equestrian competition field. The NF then talks with the group representing the particular discipline for the country and in our case the AERC.
So if the AERC does not approve of a particular ride and refuses sanctioning then the USA/E should refuse the sanctioning and the FEI should deny its sanctioning.
Or so it goes on paper! It has not been put to the test as yet as the occasion has not, to my knowledge, presented itself. If in the case of the ROC, FEI sanctioning is granted, and the AERC does not submit a very strongly worded protest to the USA/E and the FEI, then the AERC is well on the way to being acknowledges as not representing endurance competition in the United States.
I have yet to hear any one questioning fully, the ROC Management  statements. Where is our leadership? And as you stated <<<He was kissing up to Michael Stone and talking about “professionalism” in endurance.>> 
Bob Morris
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Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2002 1:46 PM
Subject: RC: Good Old Tom Ivers

Got my copy of Endurance World yesterday.  Guess who wrote the editor.  Our guy, TI.  He was kissing up to Michael Stone and talking about “professionalism” in endurance.  Then he suggested that there could be FEI endurance rides that are not AERC sanctioned in the United States.  Hmmmm….. ROC?………

Anyhoo, I haven’t heard anything about any endurance rides that are not  sanctioned by AERC besides the ROC.  Have you?


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