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    [RC] Over the edge! - Jutta

    You guys are too much! Just signed on to look for some Tevis news and I ran across the earplug thread.
    The "regular" people I hang out with once in a while already think I have lost it. They don't understand why you pay money to have a horse massaged, why on earth anybody would get up at 4:00 AM to ride 50 miles on their own free will and camp out in the boonies with no electricity.
    My husband is not of much help either, he doesn't understand  why I shop for him at Walmart, yet spend $2000 on a custom saddle.
    Now, I can just picture it: Me riding my little Arab, sidestrapping a six shooter with two tampons stuck in his ears (safely tied to the browband of course). I surely would run in to somebody I know and would have to explain that I am just preparing for the possibility of a bear or mountain lion attack! They would put me away for good!!!
    Sorry guys, couldn't help but laugh at the earplug thing! I am sure it would work but I AIN"T TRYING IT!