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    [RC] rude horse?/crupper help - Ridecamp Guest

    Tamara Keller ckellerfarm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    All just been looking bad at the arcives.
    Haven't been keeping up with RC, too busy.
    But came across the posts in late May about kicking horses. And it made me think of a fiends horse Dune.
    He's not  kicker but a Kicke! We ride alot together, trial rides, moving cattle and just putting on the miles ect. Her gelding and my mare are both 11 years old. My mare is not  what I'd call a kicker, but she has kicked this gelding.  All my horses have, as has almost every horse she rides with. He's not a bumper car type horse, just every other horse seems to go out of thier way to kick him. Once she rode one of my horses on a trial ride, it was last minute plan and was easier to just ride one of mine. We were in a large group. And had a great day, on the way home she said," Wow,this is the frist time in years I havn't been kicked at on a ride." I just said "you weren't riding Dune" And the light went on, we decided he must be rude, or something. She said maybe she should put a red and white flag on him, so everyone knows he's a target!HA
    Just another way to look at it.
    And also does any one have any tips on how to get a horse use to a crupper? My mare never even noticed it, but my 5 year old is having a real problem getting use to it. I would just not use it but it really helps to keep the saddle steady on the hills.
    Tami(getting ready for Chimmy Butte)
    Indeed( How far?)( and get that thing off my tail)
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