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    Re: [RC] towing requirements - Truman Prevatt

    You need to calculate the weight of the trailer fully loaded, horses, water, feed, etc. and the weight of the truck fully loaded as going to a ride and add them together. That's the Gross Combined Vehicle Weight.  Each turk has a maximum GCVW and you should not exceed this number.

    Four horse slant I would expect at least a 3/4 ton minimum and better a one ton would do it.


    SunsetOvrC@xxxxxxx wrote:
    My boyfriend's friend just gave him a 4 horse slant load trailer!  but I know his truck can not pull it with horses in it.  What is the minimum requirement (for just two horses)?  I really want to trade my car in for a truck, or maybe he will get a bigger truck!

    [RC] towing requirements, SunsetOvrC