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    Re: [RC] Selling horses - amber applegate

    Well, I just had the same thing happen. The buyer wanted a prepurchase exam
    on a 19 yo mare. She was actually interested in the filly and I threw in the
    Dam for only $500. This mare has never been lame since I have owned .She can
    take me up and down mountains, cross rivers and is just a fabulous horse.
    My Vet would not do the exam as he felt it would be unethical to do so. So
    he recommended another Vet that I am well aquainted with and did not want to
    have them do it, but time was of the essence since a fellow was coming out
    from MO. to transport the two back there.
    The mare was fine when she got there, but when he did the  test on the leg,
    I told him that if he held my leg up that long I would have a charley horse
    to make me scream, literally.
    The mare then did the trot out and was limping. Vet deemed her lame and
    advised the purchaser over the phone to have him do x-rays. That did not
    surprise me in the least. This is the same group that said my gelding had
    EPM and after a spinal tap in the rain, and $500 later, Gee, he doesn't have
    it. I have since heard from many that one of the Vets in this group is using
    this EPM scare on lots of horses.
    Funny too, after we got home, guess what? No more limping. Sale is off and I
    will never ever use those Vets again. I had my own Vet look at the mare
    right after this and guess what else? He couldn't find her lame and said
    that some of these tests are ridiculous.
     I have no idea why the mare went lame originally or why the vet didn't
    > she'd make an endurance horse. My friend takes pride in the fact that many
    > vets have commented favorably on her horse's conformation. A situation
    > as I described above could have meant the complete loss of a sale if not
    > return of a totally lame and damaged horse.
    > >
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    [RC] Selling horses, Andrea Day