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    Re: [RC] Mad Science - Howard Bramhall

    The only horse I'm using here, so far, for these numbers, is my Paint.  I'm not using the Arabs, and comparing me riding an Arab to Jen riding my Paint.  The numbers are with me and Jen riding the same horse, my Paint, Moonlight Princess. She rides the Paint during one training session, with the heart monitor (so far we only own one), and gives me the numbers (I'm riding one of our Arabs) as we go down the trail.  Then, the next session, I ride the Paint, with Jen on another horse, and I record my numbers.  We use the buddy system, meaning I record the numbers when the Paint is with another horse (not alone), and Princess usually leads.  She is 15 hands 1 inch tall and weighs 985 lbs.  Her breeding is 3/4's Thoroughbred with 1/4 Quarter horse.  She's not muscled up like a lot of Paints get and her metabolics are quite good. 
    I plan on continuing this experiment, in the future, using my two Arabs, since this is the breed of choice in endurance.  So far, the numbers I'm getting with them are a bit lower, but the difference in weight of the riders and heart rate of the horse is quite close to my 4.285 lbs per one percent difference in BPM heart rate using the same horse.
    I'm trying not to compare apples to oranges.  All of my stats will be on the same horse, with different weights of the riders being the main variable.  I try and keep the ride conditions (terrain, like that's going to change down here, weather conditions, and overall speed of the ride) the same, as much as possible.   I do realize that the difference in weight, between Jennifer and myself, is high, but, so is the difference between a featherweight and a heavyweight rider, which is what my hypothesis is all about. 
    Who the heck knows how accurate this all is?  I mean, look who is conducting the experiment.  But, your inputs are important to me so, I'm open to all ideas.  All I can say is I JUST LOVE THE FRIGGEN HEART MONITOR!
    Howard (if only I appreciated the cell phone as much)
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    Okay, what I want to know is what is the weight difference between your paint and your Arabs? 

    What I've always been told is this...

    You have a 1100 pound horse, and your daughter weighs 107, the horse will work harder than an 800 pound horse with a 200+ rider. 

    It is the total weight that matters with the horse and rider and tack. 

    So the point to remember is to look for those small powerful horses?

    Of course I weigh about the same as you and have a 15.2 hand horse that weighs about 1000 lbs.  We are at a distinct disadvantage but good conditioning can overcome the weight obstacles.