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    [RC] Starts/refunds - Rides 2 Far

    > > .  But to me, if someone wanted to say, 
    > > I was just a starter, I CHOSE to pull her, so I should have got a 
    > > refund.... 
    Only if you informed me a few weeks ago, when I was planning the ride,
    that you planned to pull really early before I needed to hire any vets to
    cover the "possibility" that you might make it to the first vet check and
    I'd need sufficient vets to get you through with no hassles. :-)  
    Refunds are absolutely the exception and not the rule. You pay for a ride
    manager to prepare a course and have vets for you...not for a completion.
     I'd never ask for a refund for a ride I started (though I've certainly
    busted my butt to earn every free entry I could get my hands on).  The
    only situation I can imagine getting a refund for would be perhaps if I
    stopped to help an injured rider and gave up my chance for a completion
    at all that day. In that case, I've seen managers give the person a free
    entry for the next year.  
    Last year our ride lost a couple of $100 dollars. This year they may have
    cleared a little.  It's a fine line and nobody's getting rich. The good
    years you just put a little money back to be insurance for the bad years.
     Ride managers would love to let everybody ride for free if they could...
    and in general, I think most do their best, over the course of several
    years, of giving you your entry "at cost".  
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