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    [RC] Start - Annie George

    I think that we need to be very careful in all our zeal to keep everyone honest, ( honesty or manners  being something that we can not legislate anyhow) that we do not remove the discretion / decision making power, of the ride manager in these things.  There are so many situations that are absolutely unpredictable, and we could get strangled in allot of little rules, that we can not possibly keep up with.  You wanna feel like you are in a Dressage show ring??  The RM should have the discretion to decide whether or not he/she wants to consider a rider a starter, if the rider stops for some reason early on. Early on is obviously a rather ambiguous term, but again I think that we need to be very careful not to choke our R.M.'s or our great sport to death with pettiness, and bickering and creating more and more rules simply because we have some personal gripe against a particular person. The R.M.'s must have the discretion to make these decisions. The different situations  that can occur at rides with so many varied people, weather, terrain, etc. merit different responses. Now if a RM is keeping the entry fees, and not reporting a pull and not paying AERC, ethics are in question and that is something different. And Yes I have seen that, but be clear, it was not at any XP ride.   I have seen in this sport a kind of a natural cleansing. Rides come and go, some  fizzle out, lack of attendance, nasty or abusive  treatment by RM's or hired staff, lousy vetting, allot of reasons, they fizzle out, and if not corrected, do not come back to life.    Dave's rides are good, we are not nit-picked to death like some rides, nor are we treated badly, nor are our horses in questionable hands.  Laid back does not mean lousy. Believe me I have seen lousy, been the victim of lousy, and this is not it.  Above all, the Duck cares about the horses more than he does tomorrows entry fees, which is allot more than I can say for some other RM or Vets. I make my living directly from this sport, and we who do, all hope to do well. But take my word for it, the ones in it for money or ego, whether RM, Vet's,  Riders, Saddle Makers, Breeders, or any of the many services we depend on to pack our flab down the trail, as the primary goal, will not last. The truth will out. The horses must be far and away the biggest concern. It is just the natural way of things, and it will prove out here, in this and all the other little squabbles, and in the future of the sport. The heart of this sport is bigger than any one person, rule, policy or greedy RM. Which Dave is not! The heart of the sport is in the heart of the horses, I am very glad that our horses that work so hard for us cannot read all this  stuff. I don't think they would want to go with us anymore. Annie G.
     Anne George Saddlery   www.vtc.net/~ageorge  

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