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    [RC] Fw: scratches testimonial - Larry Miller

    Subject: Re: scratches
    Tammy, just wanted you to know that I did my first ride of the year.  70
    miles in 2 days, speed about 7mph.  The trail is the toughest in MI with
    lots of deep sand and long hills.  Maggie and I weren't really in shape for
    this ride but she has 10 years of conditioning on her so I knew she could do
    it.  Myself was another matter.  Haven't done much conditioning this year
    due to our ride, visiting 8 grandkids, burying my mom, but I sure as hell
    needed the long weekend with me, my horse, and my almost 14 yr old dog.
    Maggie had scratches by the end of the first day.  They are never bad enough
    to keep her from going the next.  The bad thing is that the 70 was one ride
    so I couldn't treat her in between the two days.  We did finish 4th
    lightweigh, managed to do the last 13 miles on the first day in 1 hr and 15
    min, but I finished with a tired horse, a tired me, and a very spoiled 14 yr
    old dog!  I was too tired to mess with the scratches when I got home, so I
    attacked them the next night.  I did as you suggested.  Took the wraps off 2
    days later and wha-la!!!, scratches almost gone.  She is wrapped again and I
    figure in 2 more days, they will be gone.  I just wish that the scratches
    could be gone forever but it looks like something I will have to mess with
    as long as I distance ride this particular horse.  I don't seem to have to
    treat her as much since using your product, so she doesn't hate me as much
    as she usually does.  Thanks a bunch.  Jeanie  PS I can honestly say that
    Tammy's scratches product works better than all my formulas which have kept
    Maggie going for 10 years in spite of her scratches.
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