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    Re: [RC] lengthening stride - Maggie & David

    Ride with someone whose horse has a big, long trot. For a lonngg time. They will eventually learn to lengthen their own trotting stride. Our Lily had a little pitty-pat trot until her second ride following my big Morgan gelding.  It has been my experience that horses will pick up the gait of who they are following.
    Probably not the most scientific way, but it seems to be how ours 'get it'.
    Maggie Pritchard-who likes a big, long trot
    Bubba--25+ mph trot!
    Lily--I got it!
    Lucky--got what?
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    Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2002 3:28 AM
    Subject: [RC] lengthening stride

    What is the best way to lengthen stride and how many inches is it possible to improve it?  I have already gotten some results by working my mare with her head carriage low and back rounded.  Does pre ride stretching really work that much?  What about cavaletti?

    [RC] lengthening stride, SunsetOvrC